Today’s AWAP Wednesday video is all about cultivating resilience—the ability to stay strong in the face of, or bounce back from, adversity. This is a skill every ChronicBabe MUST nurture.

Watch today’s video, in which I share some of my favorite ways to keep my resilience strong, and some tips for YOU to build your own inner strength:

*AWAP = As Well As Possible

Also: James Brown does the song way better than me. I mean, obviously.

Now it’s your turn:

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(Rough) transcript:

Get up, get on up. Get up, get on up.

Girl, I’m singing to YOU today because it’s time for you to get UP.

Get up! Get on up…

Hi! I’m Jenni Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible). Each week, I offer you my favorite tips and techniques to help you craft an incredible life beyond illness. Yes! I know you can.

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We all have down days. And us sick chicks? Well, we have more down days than most people.

I live with depression, and I have some REALLY down days. And it’s hard to get back up after a major depressive episode, or a good old-fashioned fibromyalgia flare-up.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite tips for getting back up when life knocks you down.

Sing Along

Playlists are my life, babes. I listen to music all day, and playlists help set the tone.

I use Spotify, but you can also use Pandora, Apple Music or any of a number of free and paid services to create playlists.

My playlists help me approach a day with renewed energy. Or they help me calm down when I’m super-anxious or agitated. They remind me that I’m surrounded by people who love me. And they help me feel more connected with the world.

Want to hear some of my favorite uplifting tunes? Head to Spotify—my username is ChronicBabe, natch—and you can subscribe to my ChronicBabe playlist.

Picture Show

Pictures also stimulate my mind and help me get back to my happy place. So I’ve created a few slideshows on my computer of things I love, like the shores of Lake Michigan, where I live here in Chicago, or my garden—I love to see how it grows and changes.

Odds are, your computer also has an app to help you set up a slideshow. And if you’ve got a smartphone, I invite you to create a folder of awesome pictures that cheer you up, maybe of people you love, your pets, or inspirational quotes.

Get Connected

Perhaps the most important tool in my GET ON UP arsenal is Team Jenni. It’s crucial to stay connected to my people.

I use texting, emailing, phone calls, social media—tons of services to stay connected. On really rough days, I might just be able to post something on Facebook asking for support. Or I might text a friend and offer to water her garden, so I feel like I’m doing something useful.

When you’re down, if you’re anything like me, you might slide into hermit behavior. I’m inviting you to come back out of your shell, sugar. Come on out here. Text someone. Get in touch. It will lift you up.

When you feel down, get back in touch with things and people you love—they’ll lift you up.

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Until we meet again, be AWAP! Smooches!

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