Today’s AWAP Wednesday video is about the benefit of being bad. Not being a bad person, or being a Debbie Downer all the time… but being just a little bit bad. Venting. Getting negativity off your chest. You can’t hold it in forever!

Watch today’s video, in which I share some of my thoughts about venting and complaining… and catch me in a wicked black wig!

*AWAP = As Well As Possible

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(Rough) transcript:

Like what I’ve done with my hair? Today I’m wearing my black wig, to symbolize my inner dark side, my evil twin. Because today, I’m gonna be BAD, dahhhhling.

Hi! I’m Jenni Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible).

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Positivity Rules, Right?

Y’all know I’m a person who focuses on positivity—not the Pollyanna variety (denial sucks!)—but I emphasize looking for the silver lining.

But today I’m letting my bad self out, my evil twin—the girl who vents. The girl who complains. The girl who whines a leeeeetle teeny tiny bit. My bad girl. Because babes, yesterday was ROUGH.

Some Days Just Suck and There’s No Getting Around It

Yesterday sucked. Sucked! I felt awful. Not only did I have all my usual fibromyalgia symptoms, but I also had a bunch of OTHER symptoms, too. Ones that wouldn’t let me leave the house. I was miserable. I got almost work done. And on top of it, our internet died, and I spent an hour doing tech support. GRRRRRRRRR!

Let Yourself Get a Little Negative

On days like yesterday, positivity just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes we have to let ourselves get just a little bit negative. I don’t mean whine about everything—I mean, allow yourself to complain a bit about the real crap that is going down.

On our worst days, that’s a time for journaling and letting it all out. It’s a time to turn up your favorite bad girl tunes and singing at the top of your lungs. It’s a time to scream and shout and pound a pillow if it helps. (But dang, woman, don’t hurt your hand!)

Beware of Venting

But ladies, don’t get caught in venting. No one wants to hang out with a Debbie Downer. When we simply vent (especially on social media), we are unloading all of our baggage onto others, with no hope of resolution or help. And that’s just not cool.

If you need to vent, approach someone close to you and ask if they’ll be your ear for a minute. If they agree, spew all your badness! Then hug them. Thank them for listening. If you’re open to it, ask for their advice. Then ask how you can help THEM.

That’s a much nicer way to release negativity instead of simply venting on Facebook and then walking away, isn’t it?

Get Social With Your Bad Self

On my most terrible days, I sometimes post something on social media, usually my private Facebook page. Yesterday, I announced to the world that I was feeling like crud, that everything sucked, and that I was so over being a sick chick. I asked for support in the form of hilarious pictures and fart jokes, and my friends did NOT let me down.

I also mentioned in my post that I felt bad being negative, and that I sometimes feel pressure to keep it 100% positive all the time, especially because of how public I am with my ChronicBabe work. And my friends also did NOT let me down on this front: They called me on it.

Because sometimes, everyone—including me—needs to let the negativity out. Sharing your truth with the world—the reality you face—isn’t necessarily being negative. It’s being real.

The more real we are with the people we love, the better their understanding of our experience—and the stronger our relationships.

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