Because I love you, and I love music, and you love music: The Ultra-Awesome ChronicBabe Playlist, hosted at Spotify.



It’s packed with inspirational tunes; dance numbers; songs you’ll know every word to (and I hope you’ll sing along in the shower or car), hip hop, country (and western!), techno, acoustic… it’s just packed.

Also: It’s 26 hours long. 26 hours! So if you’re having the world’s worst flare-up, you can just hit play and you’re good to go for a full day and night. Bask in it. Let it lift you up.

Never used Spotify before? It’s fun! And it’s free. Here are the basic steps I recommend:

  • If you don’t already have an account, sign up here.
  • Click on the green “Download Spotify” button to add the app to your laptop or desktop. (Alternatively: Download the free Spotify app for your smartphone.)
  • Log in to the app. Connect with me (my username is chronicbabe, natch).
  • Once we’re connected, you’ll be able to see my public playlists, including The Ultra-Awesome ChronicBabe Playlist.
  • Click on the black-and-white “Follow” button for the playlist, and VOILA: You will now be able to access the list under the “Your Music” bar on your app, no matter where you are.

I know…it’s a few steps, but worth it — because once you’re in, it’s unlimited tunes for days and days.