CB-icons-questioningMedical bills. They’re perplexing for mere humans! We ChronicBabes have it even harder, what with multiple providers, multiple insurance coverages, multiple conditions to manage… who can keep it all straight?

Even I—Editrix Jenni, the original ChronicBabe—have problems keeping my medical bills organized and knowing what to pay, when, and what it all means.


To help us ALL make more sense of our medical bills…
…I’m bringing you an incredible interview with Jean Poole, who works as a medical billing advocate.

Jean has worked as a registered nurse, a stay-at-home mom, and has an MBA. 

This is a woman who understands health care, is mindful of the balance of family and professional life, and can get down and dirty with numbers. She saved one client $105,000! She’s kind of my new hero!

CB-icons-moneystackMedical billing errors account for $17 billion a year.
And crooks commit more than $80 billion a year in medical billing fraud. And you pay the price!

That’s just not fair.

That’s why Jean is so passionate about teaching people how to save money on their bills. On our call, she explains not just how we can work with medical billing advocates like her—she also offers tons of helpful tips we can start using today to manage our paperwork better and not get ripped off.

 On our call, Jean offers a ton of tips:

  • The most common mistakes on medical bills and how to spot them
  • How to ask for—and receive!—charity medical coverage, even if you think you don’t qualify
  • A “trend” in hospital billing mistakes that could cost you thousands of $$
  • How to pinpoint the most effective person to work with in medical billing offices
  • The three things you MUST start doing to keep your medical billing paperwork organized
  • Why sometimes, going old-school with pen and paper is the best
  • How to save money on taxes through more effective tracking of medical expenses
  • Ways to gain confidence when it comes to reading your medical paperwork
  • The critical steps you must take to MAKE SURE YOU DON’T OVERPAY
  • The RIGHT way to read EOBs (explanations of benefits) and your health care policy—to know your rights
  • How to keep your unpaid bills from going to collections agencies

And much, much more…

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CB-icons-couponsDon’t pay too much. Don’t get ripped off! Listen to this interview.

On this call, Jean and I chat for more than an hour, digging deep into strategies you can start using today to save money on medical bills. She walks us through tons of money-saving tips and time-saving strategies. And she teaches us how to work with medical billing advocates like her, who can take the burden of staying organized off our shoulders.

Why this? Why now?

I’m sick of finding mistakes on my bills. I’m tired of overpaying and spotting my mistakes later, when it’s too late to get my money back. I wanted to understand my rights, and get advice on how to be a more-savvy sick chick.

And I know you want to save money and be savvy, too! So Jean agreed to let me tape our call and create a resource for you—my fellow ChronicBabes.

CB-icons-heartpinkGrab this resource now and start saving money!

As always, I’m committed to creating resources for you that are free or low-cost.

Buy this hour-long interview today for only $10—that’s the price of a couple lattes…

…and you’ll get advice that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars (and give you more peace of mind). Talk about a bargain.

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I know you’ll love this call! So grab it today, turn up your headphones, and get ready to become the master of your medical bills.

XO, Jenni