Today’s AWAP Wednesday video is an answer to a question one of you sent me about motivation. Essentially, our fellow ChronicBabe wonders: I know I should be doing more things to take care of myself. Why can’t I get motivated?

I’ve got a TON of ideas for you today, babes, and I get really personal in explaining how I stay motivated.

Watch today’s video, in which I share the techniques that keep me super-pumped:

*AWAP = As Well As Possible

Now it’s your turn:

What kinds of things motivate YOU? How do you stay excited or driven to meet your goals? What techniques DON’T work? I wanna know! Join the conversation in the comments below, share your experience and ask for advice from our community.

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(Rough) transcript:

Hmmmm I really want to wash my hair, but I don’t feel motivated today. I mean, what are the consequences, really? I work from home and… gah! OK, fine! I’m motivated!

Hi! I’m Jenni Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible).

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Every once in a while, I get a request from one of you that really tickles my brain. This question’s kind of tough, but I’m going to try to answer:

I make dates with myself to do things like wash my hair but I just can’t get the motivation together to do it. So I postpone it and I postpone it and I postpone it. It’s even worse when I have to get the motivation to play with my kids or do some paperwork or something. I have chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, none of which is treated well enough to get around the motivation issue. How do I make myself do things? You say “just do it” but instead I lie here reading things on my phone.”

I hear ya, babe. It’s not always easy to get motivated. But I’ve got some ideas for you that I hope will help.

Get Treatment.

First, let’s address something you said: “I have chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, none of which is treated well enough to get around the motivation issue.”

As someone who also has a condition that causes fatigue—and someone who lives with anxiety and depression—I know I can’t just say “get those treated.” But girl, if you feel like you’re not getting the treatment you need, you’ve got to step up and work for it.

Chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression are all going to feed into your lack of motivation. So if you feel like you’re not getting the treatment you need and deserve, I implore you to seek more effective approaches for those. That’s a good starting point.

Get Clear.

Now, let’s talk about clarity. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish is important. You mentioned specific things like washing your hair, so you’re clear—but for anyone watching who is NOT clear, who just has a vague idea like “I want to get more done” or “I want to have a richer social life,” it’s time to seek more clarity.

Take a few minutes to write down a list of precisely what you wish you were getting done, the things that you’re not feeling motivated enough to do. Do you want to be able to work an extra hour each day? Do you want to be able to take a 20-minute walk every evening? Get specific. It’s easier to achieve our goals when we know precisely what they are.

Focus on Benefits.

Next, focus in on how you will benefit if you accomplish the specific goals you’re targeting.

If you wash your hair, you’ll feel more pretty and more human, less like a sicko. If you work an extra hour each day in your home-based business, you’ll have enough money to take a summer vacation. If you take a 20-minute walk each evening, you’ll get in your doctor-recommended cardio, and you’ll feel more in touch with nature, which helps you feel more calm.

Get clear about how you’ll benefit; this ALWAYS helps motivate me.

Know the Consequences.

Also, get clear about the consequences of NOT meeting the goal for which you’re seeking motivation.

If you don’t wash your hair, you feel frumpy and don’t want to leave the house, which isolates you. If you don’t work the extra hour each day, your vacation next summer is a stay-cation. If you don’t take a 20-minute walk, you’re in more pain, you can’t fit into your favorite jeans, and you miss the enjoyment of watching nature evolve with the changing seasons.

I prefer to get motivated by the POSITIVE benefits of accomplishing my goals, but sometimes the potential NEGATIVE consequences are also motivational. Because I want to fit into those jeans, girl!

Look Outside Yourself.

If you’re really struggling to find motivation within yourself, think about the people and pets around you who will benefit if you get motivated to meet your goals. Your kids, your dog, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers.

When I feel extra stuck, or really depressed, it sometimes helps me to think about my nieces. I want to be there for them, be a reliable source of strength and guidance, and I can’t do that if I don’t take care of myself. That is some major motivation.

I also get motivated by the knowledge that all of YOU are part of this community. Sometimes you send me little reminders—I’m wearing jewelry today that fellow ChronicBabes Natalie and Cayce made for me—that keep me motivated. (Thank you!) Looking outside yourself can sometimes give you that extra motivational boost you need.

Also, when people in your life see you working for something, they’re more likely to help you achieve your goal!

But ultimately, motivation has to come from you.

If you don’t want it bad enough for yourself, you can’t expect others to help you achieve your goal.

Do you agree? If you do, give me a thumbs-up down there.

Thanks for watching today! I would love to hear how you find motivation, babes! Share your strategy in the comments here or head on over to the blog at to join the conversation—I want to hear what YOU have to say.

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