Everyone is asking me this question today. It’s a total nail biter! So here goes:

1. I feel nervous.

No one seems to know exactly how this is all going to work. We’re getting conflicting reports from all over, and even resources we previously thought were reliable are being kinda flakey. A perfect example: I’d been told over and over that in Illinois, we would not have an insurance exchange, and that we would go to HealthCare.gov to buy our coverage. Then a couple days ago, Governor Quinn announced Get Covered Illinois. What? Who? Aw, hell no. I mean, thank you. I guess.

2. I feel excited.

The ACA means tons and tons (read: millions) of people with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed coverage. Sure, we don’t know yet know what it will cost exactly, but we know we can get it. Which is WAY better than being uninsured.

 3. I feel pissed off.

Our stupid stupid government is fighting about this, which is scaring everyone even more. We have idiots who are supposed to be representing us who are spreading inaccuracies and lies about what the coverage will do and cost. So we have people like my pal Erin Kotecki Vest (aka Queen of Spain) receiving infusions mere hours before Republicans are threatening to shut down the government over the ACA. For real? I would love to see how any of those guys would handle taking care of a family of kids and spouse, dealing with massive chronic illness, with only one income. Good luck, tools.

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4. I feel cheered on by my community.

As much as it bummed me out to see Erin’s Instagram post last night, I also felt cheered on. We’ve got such a kick-ass chronic illness support community online and we’re all here to help each other. I’m so grateful for that. It means I can fumble along right there with y’all and not be embarrassed if I make a mistake or get emotional. Whew!

5. I feel tentative.

I’m not making any fast moves. I know half the country is online today, clogging the interwebs with traffic and shutting down sites. I’m holding back. I’ve spoken with a few experts in the field, and they have ALL recommended that I wait a couple weeks before I dig deep into the system—let’s let all the kinks get worked out, right? So I’m not going to enroll this week, or maybe even this month. For coverage that starts on January 1, 2014, we need to enroll by December 15. We’ve got time.

6. I feel scared.

Yea, I’m just like you. I’m going to have to go through this process. I don’t know what it’s going to mean for me. So I’m scared. I’m afraid it will cost more, it will be more complicated, it will cover less of my meds. But I’m not going to let that fear stop me. I’m going to make it motivate me!

7. I feel ready.

I’m ready to help you through this. I’ll be sharing my research as the weeks go on, and sharing my favorite resources. We’re in this together, Babes. I promise. Look for many more resources from me in the coming weeks. And PLEASE add your favorite resources in the comments below.

8. I feel eager to hear your thoughts.

How are YOU feeling about the ACA? Please tell me in the comments below? Let’s chat. XO!