This summer, we’ve been hosting Questions Of The Week (QOTW) on our Facebook page, and it’s been great to see what our community is into! Last week, we asked: what movie do you watch when you need a good cry? I’ve gotta say, I got a TON of ideas from you… thanks! Bookmark this page, babes, so you know where to go the next time you need to blubber.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Contact (that’s mine)

Homeward Bound

You’ve Got Mail

Dolphin Tale

Steel Magnolias

Melissa says: “I’m not one for sad movies, but there are a few episodes of Doctor Who that give me leaky eyeballs.” hee hee!

Moulin Rouge!

Lord of the Rings

Little Women (1994 version)

Somewhere in Time

A Star is Born

Marley and Me (this one got a lot of upvotes!)

Saving Private Ryan

Bridges of Madison County

Harold and Maude

Love Story

My Girl