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AWAP Wednesday: Should I tell potential clients I have a chronic illness?

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in featured, Work | 10 comments

Should I disclose that I have fibromyalgia? And if so, when? That’s the question asked this week by a fellow ChronicBabe. Some might disagree with me, but I have a simple answer to this question…which I share in today’s video: How about you: Have you disclosed your chronic illness to a client or potential client? How did you handle the situation? How did they handle it? Share your story below. Like today’s video? Please “like” it on YouTube or Facebook and share it with your friends....

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AWAP Wednesday: My brain says WORK but my body says REST. Now what?

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in coping, featured, Work | 28 comments

Ah, that ages-old dilemma. Do I listen to the signals my body is sending me, or do I listen to my panic-addled brain? Should I take a rest break, or should I hustle hustle hustle so I can get as much work done as possible? Babes, this is a question I have to face every day. I don’t want to take breaks. I want to work non-stop all the time. This is just how I’m wired, I guess. But I’ve learned the hard way that by NOT honoring my body, I’m doing myself a BIG disservice. Check out this week’s video, which has a handy tip for helping break that bad habit: So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite trick to keep yourself on task and honoring your body at the same time? Fill us in by adding your comment and joining the conversation below....

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AWAP Wednesday: How do I stay on top of work while dealing with my chronic illness?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in featured, Work | 19 comments

Hey babes! Time for everyone’s favorite topic: Work! Oh, I know…not really everyone’s favorite topic. Except you wouldn’t know it from the tons of emails and comments y’all have sent me. Work is one of the most challenging aspects of life with chronic illness. So over the next few weeks. I’m going to answer a few of your questions and try to help you get a handle on your workflow. This week: We focus on becoming more dependable. A read asks how she can keep from turning into an unreliable flake. Great question! In the video, I offer tons of tips on becoming more reliable…plus a few things to consider about job shift. What do you think? Do you have some favorite tips for working well in spite of illness? I can’t wait to hear them! Please add them in the comments below, and be sure to ask me any questions you have—work-related or not. Smooches! – Jenni P.S. If you’re considering a business coach with a chronic illness focus, I suggest Rosalind Joffe…and definitely read her book: Keep Working,...

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