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AWAP Wednesday: How Do You Get It All Done?

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in career, featured, Work | 11 comments

I’ve traveled a lot recently, speaking at conferences and events around the country. And the question I get continually is: “How do you get it all done?” Folks want to know how I manage a freelance writing and consulting business, and run the ChronicBabe project, and juggle all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. To be honest, I ask myself that question some days! Today, I’ve got five tips for you – if you’re ready to take on the task of managing a bunch of things at once. And I think you can! Check out today’s video: Now it’s your turn: How do YOU get it all done? I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this. Are you juggling a career, personal life, and chronic illness? What habits have you built into your daily life to help you achieve your goals? What struggles have you faced? Share your story in the comments below this video’s post. We have AWESOME conversations every day at the site and I would LOVE for you to be part of the community! Did you like this video? Please “like” it on YouTube or Facebook and share it with your friends through social media. Want to watch more videos like this? Check out our AWAP Wednesday video playlist, which has almost four hours of guidance, advice, and bloopers. Is there a question I can answer for YOU? Add it to the comments below, or shoot me an email. Until we meet again: Be AWAP! Smooches! *AWAP = As Well As...

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AWAP Wednesday: How do I increase my sense of self-empowerment?

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in career, featured, inspiration, Work | 14 comments

Today I’m starting something new: This post is a complete transcription of the video. (A few of you have written in that sometimes listening to videos is hard.) Good day, babes! Today’s AWAP* Wednesday question comes from a fellow ChronicBabe. She writes: “I have a question about self empowerment: How do you cultivate a sense of empowerment while dealing with a chronic illness? What helps you to do that? What things do you do to cultivate it? For example, since struggling to deal with a chronic condition, my own sense of self worth as someone who is worth employing has really taken a nosedive (despite the fact that my chronic condition was acquired through poor workplace ergonomics!). “I was struck by the strong sense of self empowerment you radiated when you answered an earlier AWAP question about disclosing a chronic condition when trying to get employment and I would love to cultivate this quality (of self empowerment) more in myself—how do we value ourselves when employers and workplace culture views disability negatively as a condition that limits people’s ability to be worth employing?” Great question, babe! Self-empowerment is CRUCIAL to being a ChronicBabe—you can’t get ahead in life if you don’t believe in yourself and your power to succeed. Self-empowerment is all about deriving strength and stick-tuitiveness from the inner belief that you know what’s best for you—and that you’ve got what it takes to be amazeballs. I understand what it’s like to doubt yourself, especially when you may have people in your life who don’t understand how hard things are for you and aren’t as supportive as you might like them to be. I have deep moments of self-doubt, and I’ve made wrong turns because I ignored my inner voice in favor of what others thought was best for me. But in recent years, I’ve learned to listen to Mama Jenni waaaay more often, and it has paid off big-time. Check out today’s AWAP Wednesday video for tons of self-empowerment tips: My favorite tools for self-empowerment: Let’s run through a few methods you can experiment with to get you all super-empowered… 1. Meditation. I meditate every day—it’s a chance to clear my mind of the clutter and start to hear my own inner voice. Guided meditations are fantastic, but I also like to meditate silently—and that’s most often when I’m struck by strong emotions or thoughts that point me in the right direction. If you’re a beginner, here are some excellent tips from Zen Habits for getting started. 2. I’ve learned to trust my gut. Literally. When I’m working on an idea and I start to get all grumbly in my tummy, or I, urm…feel a sudden urge to...

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AWAP Wednesday: How do I redefine my identity with chronic illness?

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in career, coping, featured, practicalities, Work | 44 comments

Each week, I do my best to answer your questions. This week’s is a doozy: How do I redefine who I am post-diagnosis? Who am I if I’m sick and can’t do all that I used to do? Is this the big question, or what? Luckily, I think the answer has a pretty simple root action, one that you can take to help you come back to yourself and bask in your awesomeness, no matter how sick you are. Check it out: Meaty stuff, right? I hope you find this idea useful, babes, and I am OH SO EAGER to hear your thoughts. Join the conversation below so we can help each other get closer to amazeballs… Did you like this video? Then please “like” it on YouTube, Facebook, and any other social media platform you did. (And please share it with your friends!) Want to watch more videos like this? Check out our AWAP Wednesday video playlist, which has more than two hours of guidance, advice, and bloopers. Until we meet again: Be AWAP!...

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AWAP Wednesday: When do I bring up workplace accommodations during a job search?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in career, featured, Work | 3 comments

Convincing employers to make it easier for us to work in cramped, ergonomically awful offices is not the easiest task. But it can be done. And it’s most essential to do when looking for a new job. Today’s question comes from a reader, who asks “When do I bring up workplace accommodations during my job interview process?” I’ve got some tips for her on when and how to ask for accommodations, plus a few other tidbits of info in today’s video: In the video, I mentioned a few resources: The U.S. Department of Labor resources on workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act The Jennifer Jaff Center – an amazing advocacy organization (formerly known as Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc.) Rosalind Joffe’s Keep Working Girlfriend project – a blog and other resources made just for us, babes! (I like this piece on accommodations in particular.) *AMENDED: Rosalind tells me that her Working with Chronic Illness site is the place to be. Hooray! And for more info on being a stand-up woman in a job search, check out Women Misbehavin Add your voice! Like this video? Then please “like” it here or on YouTube, and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Have a question for a future AWAP Wednesday video? Head over to our contact page, where you can shoot me your questions. As always, thank you so much for watching! Until we meet again, be AWAP!...

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