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Kickstarter News: Two More Stretch Goals, With A Kinda-Crazy Reward For All Backers

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in announcements, featured | 0 comments

I’m thrilled to bring you this message today, with some news about our progress on the ChronicBabe 101 Kickstarter – and two exciting stretch goals! I recommend you watch the video below, but if video’s not your thing, I’ve got a transcript just below it. First, our news: We made our first stretch goal really quickly! I am thrilled and grateful. Because of your support, we’ll be able build a beautiful, robust, community-centered website to complement the ChronicBabe 101 book.   Second, a stretch goal: Hire a designer to make the book beautiful If we make it up to $17,000 – which is really not that far from where we are currently – I’ll hire a graphic designer to craft the interior of the book. I’m proficient with MS Word, and have been working on the interior myself… and it’s fine, functional – even better than functional! But it’s not GREAT. Working with a professional designer brings two benefits: 1. The book will be fantastically beautiful and functional. 2. It takes a huge headache off my plate, because it’s a huge pain in my booty to work on design in MS Word… and I would prefer to focus my limited energy on crafting the best content I can.   Third, a third stretch goal: Provide digital versions of the book… to ALL backers If we make the third stretch goal of $18,000 – and I KNOW we can! – I can do something a lot of you have been asking for. I will work with a digital collaborator who will convert the book into multiple ebook formats, allowing folks to read it on any device they choose. Working with this collaborator has so many benefits. I can create the book in a wide variety of formats, allowing me to offer it to folks who need to use it in an e-reader because they’re vision-impaired… or just be able to take it on the go, perhaps read it in while they wait for a doctor’s appointment. I am SO thrilled and grateful for the outpouring of support I’ve had for this project. It’s exceeded my dreams – and tells me I’m doing the work I’m supposed to do. In honor of that, I want to do something a little bit crazy as the reward for reaching our $18,000 stretch goal. If we make this $18,000 stretch goal, I will give digital versions of the book to every single backer.   I know, it’s kind of crazy. Most people would say I shouldn’t give the digital version of the book to people who only pledge a dollar. But here’s the thing: We have a lot of backers who are ChronicBabes like me,...

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Why ChronicBabe 101 is So Important… and Why I Need Your Help

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in announcements, featured | 2 comments

If you’ve followed ChronicBabe and its progress over the years, you know I’ve consistently built it up to serve folks as best I can. It started as a website, grew into a much-bigger website, and shrunk down again to a more manageable-sized website. I added a forum, so folks could talk. I added a video series, in which I answer your questions and offer advice (and bloopers). I’ve created robust social media presences on six different platforms. I really like being here for you. I mean, really really like. Like, I love it. Adore it. Live for it. The ChronicBabe 101 book is an extension of this love. I’ve been working on it for a few years, and if I could have finished it earlier, I would have… but divorce, work ups and downs, health issues, life changes, multiple moves… so many things seemed to get in the way. Then a friend started talking to me about Kickstarter, and its value in creating funds to support my work. It took me a while to be convinced, but now I’m hooked. The ChronicBabe 101 Kickstarter is, as of March 10, fully funded. That means there’s enough money to create the book, plus a bunch of other goodies, and send them out to my backers in July 2015. This makes me very, very happy. And we’ve still got until March 27, at 10am Central Time to raise more funds! Once I finish the book and send out rewards, it will become available for sale on, and eventually in some local bookstores and other locales. Yippee!! Now, I want to stretch. If we can raise an additional $2,000 over my goal (and we almost have – we’re just a few hundred bucks shy!), I will use the funds to build a robust website for the book, which will offer password-protected content for all who buy the book, plus other goodies for anyone who visits. This will be in addition to everything else I offer through ChronicBabe. I believe we will meet this goal in the next few days. I have another stretch goal to announce shortly, which will also create tons of goodness for everyone who reads the book. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves… Will you help me stretch? We’re so close to meeting that first stretch goal… if you haven’t pledged yet, please consider doing so today. Even $1 helps me get closer to my goal – and I give rewards to backers starting at the $1 level. We have two more weeks to raise funds, and I believe that together, we can gather enough resources to create a TON of awesome offerings. Thanks! It’s with YOUR...

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We Could Win Some Awards Together… With Your Help

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in announcements, featured | 8 comments

Hi friends! Just a quick note from Editrix Jenni here asking for your support. ChronicBabe is nominated for two WEGO Health awards: Best in Show: Facebook, and Best in Show: Blog. We could win—with your help. Visit our nominations page today (yup, today!) to endorse this project. It takes just a moment, and helps increase our visibility… which means we can help more people. Thanks! XO,...

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Why Did I Create the Secret Club? Why is it So Important?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in announcements, ChronicBabe Basics, coping, featured, Secret Club | 2 comments

For more than nine years, I’ve run this project from the heart. I launched my first website in May 2005, after months of planning and years of wishing for a resource that fit my needs. No one else was talking frankly (or irreverently) about what life with chronic illness is like, especially for younger women—and I finally decided to create the resource I had always wished for. The Internet got bigger, so I got bigger It didn’t take long for the project to grow much larger than I anticipated, and soon we were revamping the site, creating a newsletter, launching a forum and more. The advent of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest meant I needed to add the ChronicBabe presence to those platforms—where so many of you spend time every day. But something was missing. You write me the most painful emails and tell me your most personal stories. Dozens a day, sometimes. And some of you write to me over and over, and say howdy often, and ask me how you can get more support. And while I love all this work, I wanted to do something more personal. I feel a deep connection with so many of you and I believe my life’s work is to teach other people how to persevere in the face of illness. The Secret Club was born Over a weekend, I banged out the idea for the Secret Club. Once I understood my mission (to provide more opportunities for you to learn and grow, to go deeper into challenging issues, and to empower you to craft a more fulfilling life) the rest was easy. On top of weekly emails with personal stories, resources and pretty pictures, I added a monthly teleseminar, a big PDF chock full of exercises and stories, a super-private Facebook group, and some fun snail mail. BOOM. Instant rock-solid community of kick-ass babes, helping each other. My dream come true! The opportunity to work closely with you is amazing. I hear your stories, I can answer your questions directly, and I get to watch as you make friends with other women like you. I love how women in their 20s are helping women in their 60s, and vice versa. And I love how I learn so much from YOU—talk about a bonus! Plus: Mama’s gotta eat. Here’s the thing: Since its inception, ChronicBabe has been a labor of love. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars (think of how many more shoes I could have had!) hiring graphic designers, web designer/developers, interns, assistants, videographers, photographers and more to create hundreds and hundreds of resources. I’ve poured hundreds of hours of my life into the project. And I’ve done...

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Are you on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Do you blog? Publish a newsletter? Let’s connect!

Posted by on Mar 1, 2014 in announcements, featured | 1 comment

Hi pals! I’m always looking to build my online network—it’s a big part of how I build Team Jenni and get ideas for new content for this project. So I need your help! If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest—or you publish a blog or newsletter or website—let’s connect! Here’s where you can find me and Team ChronicBabe: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest The Forum YouTube Find me there and connect so we can share inspiration, ideas, humor, pics and more. Have suggestions about YOUR favorite folks online? Please let me know! So many thanks, XO...

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A quickie for New Year’s Eve: join me in the Feminist 365 selfie challenge?

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in announcements, featured | 0 comments

I’ve thrown my back out! So I’m heavily medicated and mostly lying prone. But quickly, I want to invite you to participate in my friend Veronica Arreola’s 365 Feminist Selfie Challenge. Showing ourselves vulnerable and real is not easy. Veronica is challenging us to go for it. I’ll be taking the leap – how about you? To watch my progress, follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the icons at the top of this page. And be sure to tag your own pics #365FeministSelfie. OK – time for me to get back on the floor. Happy new year!...

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