I don’t know about you, but MY HealthCare.gov experience has been craptastic.

And I’ve resisted writing about it because it is SO difficult to encapsulate all the emotions I’ve been feeling.

But it’s time to end my silence. Here’s what I suspect will be but the first of a few posts about the Affordable Care Act. It’s an AWAP Wednesday video, but this week, instead of answering a reader’s question, I’m hoping you can answer mine: What’s your HealthCare.gov experience?

I’ll be gathering the stories and sending them along to legislators and members of the media, in hopes we can nudge along some more solutions. Small chance of changing anything? Yes. Will it make me and US feel better to do SOMETHING? Yes.

What do you think? Feel like sharing your experience? Please chime in. I can’t wait to hear all the details. XO, Jenni