Are you feeling alone with your illness? Frustrated? Scared? Angry? You are NOT alone. The ChronicBabe Academy Membership program is here for you!

Our health care system is not set up to teach us how to LIVE well with chronic illness. As ChronicBabes, we’re constantly left to our own devices. For years, there was no reliable source of information on how to build successful relationships, navigate career crises, ​explore our creativity, or make a long-term plan for life success if we lived with chronic illnesses.

When I got sick, I felt alone, isolated, and scared. But after a few years, I started to understand that as a young woman with many chronic illnesses, I would have to fight for my survival. So I created ChronicBabe, a website to help other women like me (like you!) figure out how to craft incredible lives despite illness. I decided to create the very resource I craved so much when I first got diagnosed.

Now, 14 years later, I’ve helped thousands upon thousands of people learn how to love their lives again. The ChronicBabe Academy Membership program is designed to provide you with all the support and resources you need to re-build your life. 

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Every month in the ChronicBabe Academy Membership program, we spend time learning about a theme that all ChronicBabes experience.

During each month, I offer tons of content around the theme: Instructional videos with optional homework assignments; resource PDFs; playlists; guided meditations; guest experts; planner pages; access to a secret Facebook group of likeminded babes; and MUCH more.

When you join the Gold Star level of my membership program, you get access to all of our previous monthly themes, plus this month’s theme – and all the bonuses included. Plus, you’ll have access to a library of previous resources. New offerings will be added all the time. Silver Star members have access to the core resources, but no bonuses…but for a much lower price.

Why a membership program?

If you’re like me, you get tired of reading the same blog posts about symptoms over and over again. And many of the online support groups are filled with spammers and unhelpful people. You crave information that can help you feel stronger, more resourceful, and more confident on your chronic illness journey. You want to know that you’re doing everything you can to feel as well as possible, and you want to surround yourself with other babes who are on the same mission. You want to find your sense of humor again.

That’s why I created the ChronicBabe Academy Membership program. I want you to become a confident ChronicBabe who can handle whatever the chronic illness journey throws at her. And I know you can!

Watch this video for all the details on why I created our membership program and what’s included:

New all-access platform and two pricing tiers

I’m thrilled that I can now offer the membership program on a new online platform you can access 24/7 from any device. It’s super easy to use and navigate, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Plus, I’ve been able to create two pricing tiers—the Gold Star tier, which a full-featured tier for $21 (that’s 20% less than what I used to charge), and the Silver Star tier, a smaller offering for $9 that has fewer features but still offers the chance to be part of this robust community. While I know most of you will go for the full-featured Gold Star tier, it’s important to me to be as inclusive as possible. The Silver Star option makes it possible for more babes to join our community.

Speaking of community… so much of the struggles we endure when we have chronic illness are tied to isolation. That’s one of the biggest reasons I created my membership program—so you can not only learn strategies for living as well as possible, but also so you can build community. A key component of my membership program is a secret Facebook group, where you can mingle with like-minded babes and share advice, encouragement, and resources. We have almost 250 members there, all women who have been part of the program, and it’s moderated with keen eyes so we avoid all the drama that so many groups have. We are all about lifting each other up!

All the benefits

When you join the Academy as a member, you gain access to a library of resources that are designed to give you confidence and skills. Each month, I present a study of one topic of particular interest to us ChronicBabes. Our first monthly theme will be boundaries—something we could all use a little more help with!

At either price point, you will get:

    • a handful of welcome materials
    • 4 instructional videos on each month’s topic (with full transcriptions if you prefer reading to watching videos)
    • access to a secret Facebook group
    • fun music playlists to inspire you
  • opportunities to chat with me live throughout the month. Yes!

Gold Star members get a ton more goodies:

    • guided meditations
    • resource-packed PDFs
    • guest expert interviews
  • and more!

Plus, Gold Star members get access to a library of all the guided meditations and resource PDFs I’ve created in recent years—which I’ll keep adding to.

Oh! I meant to tell you that I’ve implemented one key feature that many of you have asked for. Once you join, you have access to the current month’s resources and all the past month’s goodies, as well. So over time, you’ll have more and more materials you can explore. As long as you maintain your membership, you’ll have access to all the ChronicBabe Academy resources.

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It takes courage to improve yourself

Ss much as I wish I could teach everyone how to be a kick-ass sick chick, not everyone is cut out to be a ChronicBabe. It’s not something you just snap your fingers and OH! I get it! I know how to cope with everything now! It’s not that simple. Being a ChronicBabe takes a bit of a commitment. And a belief in yourself.

I believe in you, babe. Why? Because 21 years ago, *I* was that scared, isolated babe who didn’t have a clue how to build a life around illness. But I figured it out, and I want to help YOU do the same thing. You CAN become someone who’s confident navigating the health care system. You CAN make friends who understand your experience and support you through it. It IS possible to find love, and be creative, and find your sense of humor again.

All of this is possible. The ChronicBabe Academy Membership program is here to help YOU become a ChronicBabe today.

So, check it out—at I can’t wait to meet you, to work with you, and to watch you become a ChronicBabe.

Still wondering which level to pick?

Gold Star or Silver Star? They both have great benefits and tools to help you transform your life. Here’s a quick comparison:

gold vs silver options