Today’s video is another take on the time-tested question: How to answer “how are you?” So many of us are asked these questions all the time, and it can be aggravating to come up with a response. So I’ve got a few ideas for you today, and a free download of 100 more that can be customized to your unique personality.

Watch today’s video, then tell me: what are YOUR favorite responses?


*AWAP = As Well As Possible

Now it’s your turn:

Have you responded in ways that harmed relationships, and how would you do it differently? Have you responded in ways that were educational and turned folks into your allies? I would love to know! Share your experience in the comments below.

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(Loose) Transcript:

Hi! I’m Jenni Grover Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible). Each week, I offer you my personal favorite tips and techniques to help you craft an incredible life beyond illness. Yes! I know you can.

The reason I created AWAP is because I was tired of sending emails to people wishing them well. Hoping they’re well. Asking if they’re well.

People ask me how I am all the time, and I often don’t know how to answer. People ask me if I’m well often, and it can feel really confusing to come up with an authentic answer that’s not going to freak them out, or push them away—or even start a big conversation.

So today, I’ve got some ideas for how to answer “how are you?” And I’m also sharing a PDF with 100 ways to tackle this difficult question. Here we go:

“I’m fine, how are you?”

I know, I know! You’re all like BOOOOO! But sometimes this is the easy way out. You don’t really want to get into a long explanation with a cashier or a doorman, right? So just fake it and keep moving on. It’s OK.

“I’m AWAP! And you?”

This is a fun way to introduce people to the concept of AWAP, so they can use it too—and you don’t have to dig into your health issues much at all.

“Strange, and getting stranger!”

Answering with something weird or silly but not too pushy is a fun way to set the tone. This one works great at parties. Maybe you don’t want to get into your symptoms at the snack table, so instead, break the ice with something interesting about yourself. (And folks who react abrasively are really telling you who they are, right? Move along…)

“Not in the mood to discuss how I’m feeling, but I appreciate your concern. How are you? Seen any good movies lately?”

This is a polite way to let someone know you’re not up to talking, honestly, and changing the subject. Caring friends and family members will get it.

“I’ll be better when fill-in-the-blank gets figured out, but otherwise I’m good, thanks! How are you?”

This is one I would reserve for closer friends and family, who know something about your situation. You’re letting them know you have a current concern but not dwelling on it.

“Life is really hard right now. Are you up for a little venting? If not, maybe we could get coffee later this week? I could use some support.”

This final option is authentic, and non-abrasive, and I applaud anyone for using it because you’re asking for support, which we all need. Just be prepared that some people might not be up for it. And that’s OK. That’s why we build a big support network, right? So we have multiple people to lean on when we need help.

There are endless ways to tell someone how you are. You get to choose. I hope some of these resonated for you, and I’ve got almost 100 more. Click the icon on the screen now to download my guide to answering “how are you?” right now.

Thanks for watching today! I would love to hear how YOU answer people’s questions. Share your strategy in the comments here or head on over to the blog at to join the conversation—I want to hear what YOU have to say.

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