It’s been a really, really rough couple months here at ChronicBabe HQ. I’ve been flared up so badly I couldn’t work, wasn’t socializing, wasn’t even bathing regularly—it was BAD. I’ll explain why this happened in an upcoming post, but for now, the important thing is that I’m starting to feel better again. Yay!

This week, I filmed my first fresh AWAP Wednesday video in almost two months! In it, I share my top three strategies for coping when your life feels like it’s falling apart. I would LOVE to hear your reaction so take a few minutes now and watch, and then join the conversation below…

*AWAP = As Well As Possible

Now it’s your turn:

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(Rough) transcript:

I’m baaaaaaaack! Didja miss me? I missed me! I haven’t recorded a video in six weeks so this is momentous. Woo hoo!

Hi! I’m Jenni Prokopy of and today is AWAP Wednesday (that stands for As Well As Possible).

Each week, I offer you my personal favorite tips and techniques to help you craft an incredible life beyond illness. Yes! I know you can.

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Working From Experience

I have been in the midst of a months-long flare that was, quite possibly, the worst I’ve felt since I was initially diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For weeks, I couldn’t work, didn’t sleep well, couldn’t socialize, didn’t make any crafts… I was a WRECK.

It felt like everything was falling apart—like my life was in a downward spiral.

Good thing I am a ChronicBabe, because we ChronicBabes know that when everything goes to shit, we’ve got to take action FAST to take the best care of ourselves that we can in spite of things that are out of our control.

Luckily, I’m on the upswing again, and that’s a huge relief. With my head a little clearer, I’m able to tell you about the three things I did to keep myself afloat during this really bad spell.

Sacred Practices

I’ve made a couple videos on the concept of Sacred Practices, as taught to me by my friend and coach Jackie Sloane. My sacred practices are a list of things I must do every day, no matter what, in order to be my best.

Mine include morning yoga, bathing, meditating, eating healthy meals and snacks, drinking lots of water, touching base with loved ones, and a few others.

Yes, that’s right—even during my massive flare-up, I didn’t skip any of these things. Some days my sacred practices were the only things I accomplished! I know if I skip them, I’ll be even more miserable. So even on days when I had to spread out my 20-minute yoga routine into 5-minute chunks with 15 minute rest breaks, I did it.

Because I maintained those sacred practices, I know I am coming out of this flare having maintained some strength and managing my anxiety.

Stay in Touch

When everything feels like it’s falling apart, you may want to hermit. You may want to stop contacting anyone, stop posting on Facebook, stop answering your text messages.

Don’t. Seriously, don’t. Your loved ones—your friends, family, partner, neighbors—they are your lifeline. They will help keep you afloat. Don’t cut them out of your life.

Maybe you need to stop having a weekly lunch with your BFF; that’s fine, but make sure you text or call her instead. Maybe your hands hurt too much to hold your phone for very long; use a headset. Maybe you’re foggy from medication; that’s fine, be foggy! Your loved ones need to accept that. If they can all gripe that they’re space-cases or tyrants before their morning coffee (excuses!) then you get to have your own weird headspace sometimes.

Maintain Perspective

On my worst days during this months-long flare-up, I thought my life was going to be over. I literally thought I would never be myself again. I was catastrophizing, imagining all the worst-case scenarios. And that is baaaaaad… it puts me into anxiety tornado mode, and then I just spin off and freak out.

What kept me calm many days was maintaining perspective. All things considered, I was lucky; I have a great healthcare team looking out for me, I live with an awesome boyfriend who helped by taking over lots of chores and offering unwavering emotional support, and I have a safe, warm home. Many, many people in this world don’t have any of that.

Reminding myself every day of what I did have—what I DO have—really helped me focus less on what I was lacking. Journaling helped with that; talking it through with loved ones also helped. It can be hard during our most difficult times to maintain perspective, but we MUST. That’s part of why I created ChronicBabe in the first place: So no one ever has to feel alone during times of crisis.

Even when things feel like they’re falling apart, you are not alone—if you choose to use the resources at hand.

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Until we meet again, be AWAP! Smooches!

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