the secret club is for you

It’s no secret: Our Secret Club rocks!

It’s all about giving you the tools you need to craft an incredible life beyond illness.

Every day, I receive emails from fellow ChronicBabes like you, asking me about the bazillion complicated issues we sick chicks face. And there’s just not enough time in the day to answer your questions individually!

…and I know from your emails (and tweets, and Instagram comments, and Facebook posts) that you crave accountability and support and a sense of belonging. So I created a group learning experience that’s designed to give you support, resources — and the chance to work with me more directly on issues that challenge you every day.

The ChronicBabe Secret Club is a monthly subscription-based service offering up TONS of value.

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Our theme for August 2017: 127 ways to feel better despite chronic illness

In August, I’ll be taking a break from our usual format to try something new! Instead of having just one main theme, I’ll be covering a ton of different topics essential for women living with chronic illness.

Throughout the month, I’ll be sharing 127 ways you can give yourself a little feeling of relief, joy, courage, or satisfaction – even if you have chronic illness. These strategies will be divided into four categories:

Physical – Ways we can appreciate what works about our bodies and improve our overall sense of wellbeing

Mental – Ways we can build stronger boundaries, calm our minds, ease our worries, and enjoy a greater feeling of peace

Spiritual – Ways we can feel more connected to the earth, our community, our family, or our higher power – to provide a sense of grounded-ness

Spatial – Ways we can improve our surroundings so we can feel more nurtured, comfortable, and supported on our chronic illness journey

Each week will be devoted to one of these categories, and I’ll be sharing things that work for me, plus advice curated from other awesome ChronicBabes. I’ll also be sharing some strategies I use to implement some of the changes I’ll be suggesting…because implementation is what makes it work, babe.

We begin August 7!

August’s Secret Club membership subscription program is going to be a PACKED month with tons of resources, at least one live Q&A call, exercises, access to a super-secret Facebook group of like-minded #chronicbabes working on this challenge, and much much more. I always throw in some surprises!

What’s included?

  • Rich content throughout the month, including topics that cover practical advice, spiritual exploration, relationships, personal organization, goal-setting and much much more
  • At least one monthly call-in session with live Q&A (you’ll be able to email Qs in advance if you can’t be on the call live)
  • Digital recordings of the monthly calls so you can listen whenever, wherever
  • A monthly resource PDF jam-packed with tons of of my fave theme-related links and recommendations
  • Weekly support emails filled with fun goodies
  • A top-secret ultra-private Facebook group so you can chat with me and others in the Secret Club and share resources and support
  • Occasional snail mail surprises from ChronicBabe HQ
  • …and anything else I decide to add along the way. I know you LOVE surprises!

Now is your chance to give yourself a beautiful gift.


Membership in the Secret Club is a wonderful gift, one that will help you enjoy your life more every day.

I keep the group relatively small. It’s important that the Secret Club stays small enough to offer tons of support, through community-building and consistent action. In particular, the Facebook secret group has proved to be a game-changer for many of the members, and if it gets TOO big then we lose that sense of community. 

What is the Secret Club NOT going to be about?

It’s not therapy. (I’m not a doctor or health care provider of any kind.) It’s not a bitch-n-moan club. (We sometimes tell rough stuff, but then we help each other pick ourselves back up again!) It’s not shallow. (We’re not Pollyanna-ish here. We’re about getting real, and then tackling the issues we can to make BIG POSITIVE CHANGE.) I provide resources and a warm, supportive environment for you to talk with others confidentially. It’s up to YOU to do the work to grow—and I know you can do it!

Here’s what some of the Secret Club members are saying:

“I have friends again even if they are all virtual. To me that doesn’t matter. It’s so nice to know if I need help or support I now have friends to reach out to. I don’t worry so much about my illnesses anymore. I take my meds, go to the doctor, deal with what we learn from my symptoms and labs, and I take care of myself to the best of my ability. My entire outlook on life has changed and my hubby is happy to have the old chronically ill wife back and the nasty, unhappy, worried, lonely and angry one is gone. I thank God that somehow I found Jenni and this group at just the right time in my life and it feels good to be me again! Sorry for the novel but it feels good to get all that out and to thank Jenni for making it possible for a middle aged chronically ill lady to be truly happy again.”- Lisa

“This club has made a tremendous difference in how I handle my life. I’ve been chronically ill for more than 20 years and I’m finally getting the hang of pacing, thanks to this group. That was the biggest skill I practiced over the holiday season and it allowed me to host a brunch for my Bible study group 8 days before Christmas.” – Lynn

ChronicBabe’s Secret Club provides something profound: proof that we are NOT alone, that we are part of a heroic group of women doing the very best we can. I recommend it highly.” – Toran 

How much, you ask, for all this loveliness?

You get it all for the deliciously low price of $25 per month. That’s what it costs to grab a latte and a donut each week! Or a fancy high-end mascara. Or dinner out for one. But really, you could brew your own coffee, and you can snag mascara from the drugstore for $7, and eating at home is so cozy… you’ll get WAY more out of a month’s worth of education and support on the most pressing and complicated issues we ChronicBabes face. Plus: FUN.

Have questions? Concerns? Ideas? Simply send me an email and I’ll get back to you toot-sweet. 

There are still a limited number of spots in the Secret Club, so don’t be shy: Sign up today


Still not sure if the Secret Club is right for you? Maybe hearing from our members will help you decide:

“Sometimes living with a chronic illness you find yourself wondering, am I the only one who feels this way? Well, no longer do I wonder! Talking with others who can relate to life’s challenges with chronic illness is priceless! Not to sound like the commercial, but seriously, AWAP is easier with the Chronic Babes Secret Club.” – Jen

“Having a group that encourages me to be “who I am right now” is really helpful.  So many of my friends can’t see me as any different from who I used to be (before chronic illness)… but these ChronicBabes really get it!” – L

“I love the ChronicBabe Secret Club because it’s the one place in my life I can say exactly what I want to about my life and not have to censor anything. The love and support from the other members is humbling! This is my go-to spot when I need a lift, need to vent or just want to connect with some beautiful souls.” – Lynn

Want to join us? Sign up today and join other incredible women in the quest for an awesome life beyond chronic illness!