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“If I can do it, so can you. Being a ChronicBabe is a state of mind. Living amazingly in spite of illness? Yes!” – Editrix Jenni

Are you a ChronicBabe?

Yes. Oh, wait—too fast? You have some doubts? Let’s see: Are you a chick? Check. Do you have a chronic illness? (You know, something that’s stickin’ with you, like fibromyalgia or depression or HIV?) Check check. Are you ready to kick ass in spite of it? Are you grinning as you read that? Triple check. Yes! I proclaim you a ChronicBabe.

My Mission:

As a young woman with multiple chronic illnesses, I get you—I know what it’s like to feel limited, to want more out of life. That’s why I created ChronicBabe: To help you have an amazing life in spite of illness. I’ll help you gain new confidence, boost your career, nurture friendships, have great sex, save more money, and be even more fabulous.


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Laugh, ChronicBabe!

This post was guest written by ChronicBabe Elizabeth A. Delisi.   “He who laughs last, laughs best.” Famous saying…I don’t know who coined the phrase. I suppose it could be interpreted as a courageous act – you know, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.” And there is no place more needing of a laugh than when a ChronicBabe is fighting a chronic disease....

What’s the worst/dumbest/most angering thing people say about your illness? #QOTW #CommunityCollab

This week, I tried an experiment. Our Questions Of The Week (QOTW) feature has been awesome this summer, and I thought I’d try asking a question about something negative (I usually go for the positive, or at least neutral). And y’all went CRAZY! Here’s the entire original post; it has 62 comments! I’m so in awe of this community. We have to deal with so much, and so many...

How to practice “stealth care” if you have chronic illness #AWAPwednesday

“Stealth care” is made up of all those tiny things you do throughout the day to make yourself feel better. They may not seem obvious to others, and you may not even think of them as self-care — but they are essential to life as a ChronicBabe! Today, I share some strategies so YOU can begin to build up your stealth care routine.   *AWAP = As Well As...

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