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“If I can do it, so can you. Being a ChronicBabe is a state of mind. Living amazingly in spite of illness? Yes!” – Editrix Jenni

Are you a ChronicBabe?

Yes. Oh, wait—too fast? You have some doubts? Let’s see: Are you a chick? Check. Do you have a chronic illness? (You know, something that’s stickin’ with you, like fibromyalgia or depression or HIV?) Check check. Are you ready to kick ass in spite of it? Are you grinning as you read that? Triple check. Yes! I proclaim you a ChronicBabe.

My Mission:

As a young woman with multiple chronic illnesses, I get you—I know what it’s like to feel limited, to want more out of life. That’s why I created ChronicBabe: To help you have an amazing life in spite of illness. I’ll help you gain new confidence, boost your career, nurture friendships, have great sex, save more money, and be even more fabulous.


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How to Find Your Flow with Chronic Illness (AWAP Wednesday)

People email me questions all the time about living the ChronicBabe life, and one of the questions I get most often is “How do you get it all done? How do you find your flow?” The answer is not simple, babes, because I’ve put a LOT of practices into place to ensure I squeeze the most out of every day. But there are three things I do every single day...

Listen Now: Jenni on Aches & Gains Radio Show w/ Dr. Paul Christo

Howdy, all my fellow ChronicBabes and ChronicDudes! I’m so bowled over today. This weekend the first part of my interview with Dr. Paul Christo aired on his Sirius XM radio show, Aches & Gains… but I don’t have Sirius. So I had to wait until today to listen… and I am so humbled. Dr. Christo really made me sound great—it’s like he has a magic “fibro fog” filter in...

Meet My Evil Twin/Why Being Bad Can Be Good (AWAP Wednesday)

Today’s AWAP Wednesday video is about the benefit of being bad. Not being a bad person, or being a Debbie Downer all the time… but being just a little bit bad. Venting. Getting negativity off your chest. You can’t hold it in forever! Watch today’s video, in which I share some of my thoughts about venting and complaining… and catch me in a wicked black wig! *AWAP = As Well As Possible Now...

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