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“If I can do it, so can you. Being a ChronicBabe is a state of mind. Living amazingly in spite of illness? Yes!” – Editrix Jenni

Are you a ChronicBabe?

Yes. Oh, wait—too fast? You have some doubts? Let’s see: Are you a chick? Check. Do you have a chronic illness? (You know, something that’s stickin’ with you, like fibromyalgia or depression or HIV?) Check check. Are you ready to kick ass in spite of it? Are you grinning as you read that? Triple check. Yes! I proclaim you a ChronicBabe.

My Mission:

As a young woman with multiple chronic illnesses, I get you—I know what it’s like to feel limited, to want more out of life. That’s why I created ChronicBabe: To help you have an amazing life in spite of illness. I’ll help you gain new confidence, boost your career, nurture friendships, have great sex, save more money, and be even more fabulous.


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It’s OK to be Sad in the Summer #AWAPwednesday

You know, we face a lot of pressure to be really happy when it’s beautiful outside. But for many of us ChronicBabes, sunny days are not always happy days. Yet, we try to feel happy, sometimes stuffing down negative feelings. It’s time to knock it off! In today’s video, I give you permission to #feelthefeels and be sad. Not to wallow, not to give up, but to acknowledge the...

8 Things People Say To Me About Crohn’s That Piss Me Off (And What You Can Say Differently)

Hi babes! My name is Alix and I’m a ChronicBabe summer intern. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was nine and have spent my life jumping from treatment to treatment and learning how to overcome the shame that accompanies inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms. Sometimes, even though usually with best intentions, friends of mine (or strangers) will ask me offensive or inappropriate questions about my Crohn’s. For...

Feeling Down? Here are some quotes to inspire you

Hey babes! You killed it on the question of the week this week! I took some of my favorite inspirational quote suggestions and turned them into pretty graphics. Print these out and hang them on your bedroom wall! Use them as your phone and computer background. There’s no such thing as being too inspired. Sometimes all you need to do is look at things from a different angle.   Dr. Seuss knows...

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